At some point, all of us find ourselves stuck in a health rut. Whether that means your current training routine is no longer getting you the results you’d like, an old health issue is rearing its head again, or perhaps you need advice on reaching a new health and fitness goal. A consultation with Human Performance Hub guarantees you to receive personal, tailored advice when you need it most.

We define our nutrition and training consultations based on three goals – losing body fat, building muscle mass and increasing strength – resulting in having a body composition change, and better hormone balance.

How It Works


There is no obligation to take on a full training programme after the consultation but – should you wish to – there is the opportunity to then invest in your health by enrolling on a 16-week online coaching course that will enable you to reach whatever goals you have.

To achieve this, individuals need to; first master the basics, then focus on consistency and then keep your eye on the prize – the end game. Our bespoke plan guides you through these steps, allowing you to fully achieve the three cornerstones and reach your maximum potential.

We know that a good plan executed for months will lead to more success than a great plan executed for days. To keep you focussed, we create an effective plan that is easy to follow, measure your progress and – when your results slow down – change something that will allow for growth again. We then keep repeating this pattern. Success breeds success.

We do this by providing you with a bespoke training plan, nutrition plan, and supplements plan

While supplements don’t always get the best press, they can go a long way to help you achieve your personal goals and overcome any problems you may face along the way. Our expert advice will help guide you through the various supplements available, matching you with only the ones your body requires in order to fulfil its potential.


16-week online plan

  • A personalised training program tailored to your goals, status and equipment available.
  • An individualised nutrition program tailored to your goals and body.
  • An individualised supplement program tailored to your goals, status and available supplements in your country. All Human Performance Hub clients will receive a discount on the supplements via the online shop.
  • Unlimited email support regarding the execution of the programs.

Please note, these training programmes are intensive, and we expect participants to train anywhere between 2 – 8 times per week and stick closely to the meal and supplement plans. Programs only work if you follow them and, if followed correctly, this coaching method works exceptionally well.

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Please note – we are not able to dispense any medical advice for any medical conditions.