Methylation is essential for every cell in your body to function. It’s used to control the replication of DNA, the growth of a brand new embryo, as well as the ageing process of each cell.

Nutrients that provide methyl groups include vitamin B12, folate, vitamin B6, choline, and the amino acids methionine and betaine. These nutrients all provide the methyl groups that your body uses to regulate DNA processes. If your dietary intake of these nutrients is low, especially for an extended period of time, then your risk of chronic diseases can increase. You need to ensure you supplement this to maintain a healthy methylation status.

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Methyl Komplex

Methyl Komplex/

Methylation is a chemical reaction that occurs in every cell in your body on every single day of your life.

Optimising Your Methylation Cycle Why It Matters

Optimising Your Methylation Cycle Why It Matters/

Want to get rid of toxins? Feeling stressed? Not sleeping well? See why healthy methylation affects your overall health.


All you need to know about Chlorella

Chlorella has many health-boosting benefits such as Supports Detoxification, Improves Fat loss, Strengthens the Immune system, lower the bodies toxicity, improves Energy Levels

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