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DFH Complete Multi™


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Product Overview

  • Designs for Health have created a high-quality multivitamin that comes in capsule form. Often we may be eating well but still not getting enough of the key vitamins and minerals we need to reach optimum health. 
  • This is exactly why you need a high-quality multivitamin that provides the right amounts of each ingredient and sources each ingredient well. 
  • This multivitamin would benefit anyone looking for a supplement to ‘cover their bases’, making sure they are not deficient in any vitamin or mineral. 

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • This multivitamin provides several B vitamins in great quantities; this will help with energy production, methylation, hormone regulation and fat loss. So this is a particularly unique aspect of this multivitamin, which other companies may not provide. 
  • Designs for Health have also included TRAACS, a system of binding minerals to an amino acid to help with the uptake of the mineral. It is a way of helping transport ingredients that are bound to the amino acid; in this case, it is Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, and Chromium.
  • There are also good quantities of vitamin C, D, E and K, which will support immune function. In particular, there are various forms of vitamin E (gamma, delta, alpha, beta), which provides a stronger form of the antioxidant vitamin E than what is normally included in multivitamins.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Taking 1 capsule per day with food should be adequate to ensure you are not deficient in any area.  Specifically, this supplement should be considered if you are looking for a strong anti-oxidant and B vitamin formula, which will help with energy production, improve fat loss, help to remove toxins from the body and balance hormones. 


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