Roan Heming

Roan Heming, the founder of Human Performance Hub, is passionate about empowering people to improve their health. From personal experience, Roan knows the right supplements work wonders and can mean all the difference for good health.

Roan’s approach to health and supplementation was cemented in his consciousness at a very young age. Roan used various supplements like multivitamins, fish oil, and spirulina to improve his health and concentration.

Through health issues and learning disabilities, Roan engaged in many physical activities to boost his energy, and growing his passion for sports, nutrition, recovery, and fitness became the stepping stones for his future direction.

Roan Heming has gone on to become the founder of The Human Hub, a multi-disciplined health platform offering personalised nutrition, vitamins & minerals and exercise using the functional medicine approach.

A Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Roan offer personalised functional nutritional and exercise programming.

Based in Guildford, Surrey, UK, Roan works with individuals through online and face-to-face consultations and provides a specialised mentorship program.


Functional Medicine University

Nutritional Diploma (Dip NT)

Biosignature Modulation Level 1 & 2 Practitioner

Metabolic Fitness Pro – Nutritional Biochemistry

Metabolic Fitness Pro – Detoxification

Metabolic Fitness Pro – Mitochondria

Metabolic Fitness Pro – Glucose

Metabolic Fitness Pro – Functional Medicine & Blood Chemistry Interpretation

Numerous health, nutrition & functional medicine seminars over the years throughout the UK, Europe and the US

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