At Human Performance Hub, we understand that men and women are built differently, which is why we supply specific women’s health supplements

From simple multivitamins for overall health to DIM Supplements for oestrogen balance, and Collagen Complex for healthy bones, joints and skin, we have something to suit everyone. 

Women’s Health Supplement FAQs

What Supplements Should Women Take?

Some of the best supplements for women include:

  • Magnesium – magnesium supports normal muscle, heart and nerve function. It also helps to keep bones strong, regulates blood sugar levels and promotes normal blood pressure.
  • Folate and Folic Acid – essential for proper brain function and helps to prevent anaemia as it produces new blood cells in the body.
  • B Vitamins – B vitamins help the body to convert food into fuel and energy. They also support healthy skin, hair and eyes. Additionally, B vitamins can support the metabolism and muscle tone.
  • Omega-3 – findings show that Omega 3 fatty acids help to lower blood pressure, maintain optimal cardiovascular function and maintain healthy joints.

Are Women’s Daily Vitamins Worth It?

Daily vitamins are worth it to support proper health and body function. Whilst they may seem confusing and can be expensive, consider it an investment in your health. You can’t get all the vitamins and minerals you need (at an adequate dose) from food and drink, therefore supplements are needed to bridge the gap.

What Happens to Your Body When You Start Taking Multivitamins?

When you start taking multivitamins (or other supplements), you can expect to experience:

  • an increase in energy;
  • an improvement to short-term memory;
  • as stronger immune system;
  • stronger muscles;
  • healthier looking skin.

Do Women’s Health Supplements Help With PMS?

Studies show that a number of supplements may help to relieve the symptoms of PMS. However, it is recommended that you consult with your Doctor before proceeding. Such supplements include: