How Can a Functional Medicine Strength and Conditioning Coach Help You?

At some point, you may find yourself in a health rut. Maybe your current training routine is no longer getting you the results you’d like, an old health issue is rearing its head again, or you need advice on reaching a new health and fitness goal. Find out how working with a functional medicine strength and conditioning coach guarantees personal, tailored advice to help you reach your goals when you need it most.

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L-glutamine benefits for your gut, brain, muscles and more

If you think L-glutamine is only for athletes, think again.

Indeed, L-glutamine supplements have long been promoted in the fitness industry because they help build healthy and lean bodies. 

Yet L-glutamine is possibly one of the most vital but underrated of supplements. This powerful amino acid provides many essential health benefits for gut and brain health, immune function, and more. 

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December Newsletter, “Fattening the curve”!

Wednesday, 2nd December 2020

Dear Friends,

As we head into the festive season, no doubt we’re all familiar with the overindulgence that can lead to holiday weight gain.

But these are unprecedented times. Shuttered gyms and stress eating while staying at home during the Covid-19 lockdown has led to widespread weight gain, birthing phrases like the “Quarantine-15” and “Covid-15”. Yes, this is very true!

We may not be “flattening the curve” fast enough, but we have certainly been “fattening the curve”.

Sadly, being overweight or obese; both are often linked to chronic health problems, This is also emerging as a significant risk factor for coronavirus-related complications. Excess body fat contributes to systemic inflammation, inhibiting a healthy immune-system reaction to infection.

Combined with the sedentary lifestyles of Netflix and Zoom-fatigue, stress, and inadequate sleep, unhealthy eating can lead to severe health issues. This is not a winning combination to be fighting fit!

With exercise, one of the best things you can do to improve your brain and body’s response, which in turn can promote your weight loss and help anxiety, is to supplement with inositol. This vitamin plays a role in many bodily processes and has many health-promoting effects, especially relevant during these times.


YPSI Inositol Plus Magnesium is an excellent product providing 2 grams of inositol along with 400 mg of magnesium glycinate – great for promoting healthy sleep – and amino acids L-glycine and L-taurine in a water-soluble powder.

This is one of the products I give every single one of my clients at one point. See why it’s one of the most important vitamins you should consider adding to your health arsenal.

Your partner in health,


PS: Have you gained weight during the Covid-19 lockdown? Looking ahead to the holiday season, is weight loss or weight maintenance one of your goals? Let me know.


We’re always here to help. If you have any questions or would like advice about supplements, nutrition, or training, please book in for a consultation.

Roan Author

About the author

Roan Heming is the founder of Human Performance Hub, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer, Coach and Fitness Nutrition Educator, and qualified chef based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Roan is passionate about helping people improve their health and performance goals. Human Performance Hub is a labour of love because, from personal experience, Roan knows the right supplements work wonders and can mean all the difference for good health.

More about Us


Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professionals before making any nutritional & lifestyle changes or before taking any nutritional supplement. For more information, please view our terms & conditions.

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Discover top science-backed health benefits of inositol for your brain and body

Inositol is one of the most important vitamins you may never have heard of!

Inositol is often promoted as a general health supplement for women. That’s because of its benefits to fertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and in relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and anxiety. (1)

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Foundation Series: The all amazing Vitamin D

Sunlight is the best-known source of vitamin D, and hence vitamin D has earned the nickname as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. It has importance across various aspects of our health, but in particular, it helps boost the immune system, supports neurological health, builds strong bone and teeth health, fights cancers and nourishes the heart. It is thoroughly good stuff that is vital to health.  

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Introducing Human Performance Hub

In exciting news, I’d like to introduce you to Human Performance Hub, the next stage in the evolution of CoActive Health Shop. With Human Performance Hub, we’ll be continuing to bring you premium supplementation, as well as pushing harder to bring you unrivalled value in education and resources via online videos, articles, and guidelines with suggested protocols that really do work.

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How to Detox from the Inside Out and Banish Toxins

Detox diets, cleanses, and therapies are all the trend today. But the message isn’t new. 

People have used different detoxification practices to purge the body of foreign invaders for centuries. However, the prevalence of the current detox trend reflects, in part, the ever-increasing amounts of toxins in our modern world. And we know for sure that a cumulative toxic burden, if not addressed, can lead to serious health issues. 

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Foundation Series: Training

Training is what the body needs to adapt and develop. Consider that without sunlight plants struggle to grow, similarly, without training our bodies will not develop and grow much.

Your body needs training as a stimulus to take it outside of its normal comfort zone, which ultimately means the body has to make changes to develop. You may only be able to do a bodyweight squat at the start of your training, but after the body is exposed to training consistently and repeatedly it will get stronger and you might be squatting with a barbell on your back after several weeks.

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Foundation Series: Supplementation

Supplementation is the use of specific vitamins, minerals and ingredients to achieve a targeted outcome in your health and fitness. Our current environment and lifestyles mean it is hard to get everything we need from food alone, which would be ideal, and thus the targeted use of supplements can be of benefit to your health. There are some supplements that are useful for everyone to take, and this article will elaborate upon supplement basics.

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Foundation Series: Recovery

Recovery is essential all the things that you do outside of training, it includes sleep and stress management which are vital to good health, but recovery also extends to enjoying your hobbies and making time for yourself. So getting 8 hours of sleep with good quality deep sleep is integral to recovery, as is going on a long walk which you enjoy, reading a book or spending time seeing your friends and family.

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Nutrition: Understanding we are what we eat

Nutrition is the catalyst to excellent health, strength and body composition. Nutrition is crucial for physical goals (i.e. fat loss) and more health and lifestyle-oriented goals (for example, better focus, energy, detoxification, and blood sugar control).

What we do in training needs to be matched by how we eat and recover, and the saying “we are what we eat” still holds.

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Foundation Series: Gut and Brain

The body is very highly connected and there is a link between the organs of the gut and the brain which is termed the ‘Gut-Brain Axis’. The link between the two works both ways, the gut and the things we digest can affect our brain function and similarly stresses to the nervous system can affect our gut. Research in this area originated in around 2004, and since has gained a lot of momentum in the scientific community (1), and can impact your health in numerous ways.

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Founder Roan speaks with Wolfgang Unsoeld

Our founder Roan Heming recently spoke with Wolfgang Unsoeld, the infamous and hugely successful personal trainer and strength trainer and founder of YPSI.

They covered the fundamentals of Personal Training, how to become a great PT, the basics of opening your own gym, Roan’s personal journey, and much, much more.

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Benefits of Fish Oil

One of the most researched substances on the planet, the benefits of good quality fish oil to health have been known for centuries and was one of the many reasons why civilisation itself flourished so well on coastal regions.

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Featured Supplement: Essential Amino Acids

Here at Human Performance Hub, we are a big believer in pre-workout nutrition (nutrition around workouts) as workouts offer a great opportunity to get nutrients into the body through enhanced insulin sensitivity (Muscles open themselves up for refuelling). Possibly the most beneficial supplement you can take around training is a quality amino acid complex.

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Do we need health supplements?

Firstly it must be stated that supplements are by definition a supplement to a healthy diet and lifestyle, not a replacement for it. People get fat and tired because they don’t exercise, don’t sleep, expose themselves to toxins, have too much stress and eat poorly.

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