Our founder Roan Heming recently spoke with Wolfgang Unsoeld, the infamous and hugely successful personal trainer and strength trainer and founder of YPSI.

They covered the fundamentals of Personal Training, becoming a great PT, the basics of opening your own gym, Roan’s personal journey, and much, much more.

Want to listen? Of course, you do.

You can find the episode on Apple Podcasts here.

0:30 What are the fundamentals of personal training?

2:05 How did Roan Heming become a personal trainer?

5:50 What are the characteristics of a good PT?

9:20 Opening his own gym – Various kinds of gym models

12:20 Personal Trainer Gym – How does it work for the clients?

18:37 Roan on starting his online supplement shop

21:30 Why personal consultation for supplements is essential

25:40 Why optimal health needs to be the base of optimal performance

31:20 Why McDonald’s is the preferable choice for athletes at the Olympics

37:30 How the style of cooking influences your eating habits

39:00 Individual blood sugar reactions to different foods

45:10 Where does the digesting of the food start?

49:00 How stress influences blood sugar levels in life situations

54:50 How to improve your digestion in a natural manner

58:00 The dangers of sleep apnea explained

1:02:10 Oura Ring – Monitoring your sleep

1:09:20 How mental and psychological factors influence your daily life

1:16:20 Change your mindset – It is a marathon, not a sprint!


Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professionals before making any nutritional & lifestyle changes or before taking any nutritional supplement. For more information, please view our terms & conditions.


If you would like to book a Consultation with Roan or explore the possibility of starting our online training programme, please head to our Consultations page for more info on how to do this.

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