A high-absorption, high-assimilability pure beef bone broth protein

Achieving the optimum amount of protein in your diet can be difficult, but with 21 grams of protein in every serving, our PureBeef Bone Broth Protein can help you reach your protein goals in a great-tasting, convenient way. Potential benefits are available for people with various conditions, including weight loss and others wanting to maximise their protein input.

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Many years ago, protein powder was primarily used for post-workout shakes. Today, protein powder is an ingredient in various shakes, bowls and smoothies, as well as recipes for cooking and baking. Protein powder has become a source of protein for much more than a post-workout shake after strength training. 

There are now a variety of different protein powders on the market. In addition to the classic whey or whey protein and soy protein (which fortunately has largely disappeared from the market), there are protein powders made from beef, hemp, pumpkin, peas and rice.

In addition to whey or whey protein, beef protein is the protein powder I primarily use and recommend at HPH.

What is Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein?

Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein is a dairy-free protein powder available in vanilla and chocolate flavours to suit your preference. It provides a convenient way to reach your daily protein requirements by mixing it with water for training and non-training days. This protein powder contains over 97% protein, ideal for individuals on a Paleo diet or those wanting to build a unique protein profile based solely on grass-fed, non-GMO beef. 

Who Is Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein For?

Our Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein is ideal for those who:

  • Searching for a trustworthy Paleo protein source free from Hormones and artificial sweeteners
  • Looking for a unique protein profile that can only be found in beef. Providing critical nutrients, peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals – including vitamins A, D, and natural forms of B vitamins 
  • In search of beef’s complete proteins for a significant amount of collagen-specific amino acids, including glycine, proline, and alanine, to build muscle, cartilage, and ligaments. 
  • With gut and skin issues caused by dairy, soy, hemp, and pea allergies

What are the Benefits of Our Pure Beef Protein Powder?

This protein can improve performance by providing your body with amino acids. Your body uses these amino acids to repair muscles and bones, make them more robust, and produce hormones and enzymes. For all types of training, protein encourages muscle growth and promotes recovery after resistance and endurance training. Pure beef’s power can help build muscle, cartilage and ligaments. 

Protein helps you to feel full for more extended periods, especially helpful for athletes or anyone who is training so you can complete longer sessions without feeling hungry. It also boosts metabolism, making burning calories easier during training and helping your body maintain muscle mass. 

People who have Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, and obesity, among other conditions, can potentially benefit from the Medium Chain Triglycerides found in this protein. Others use MCT for weight loss. 

Ingredients For Optimal Protein Provision

PureBeef Bone Broth Protein is perfect for those following a paleo diet as it combines the following ingredients to provide optimal protein:

  • HydroBEEF – This is a highly concentrated pure beef protein that is produced using an exclusive proprietary process. The protein is easier to absorb and assimilate because it is hydrolysed into more peptides. The animals this beef is taken from were raised in Sweden with no hormones or antibiotics, are free of grains, grasses and ensilage, and are non-GMO.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – Fats made in a lab from coconut. They can encourage weight loss as the body can easily break the fats down into ketone bodies.
  • Stevia Leaf Extract Powder – An extract from the stevia plant from South America. This is used to create a sweet flavour without adding calories.

How Pure Beef Bone Protein Is Superior To Dairy-Based Alternatives

Our bone broth protein powder consists of a highly concentrated bone broth isolate protein called HydroBEEF™, making it a tasty and convenient dairy-free protein powder for everyday use. The hydrolysis and ultrafiltration process to produce HydroBEEF™ enables the protein to be hydrolysed or “split” into a high concentration of functional peptides. By delivering protein in peptide form, protein can be absorbed and assimilated more easily. Using a proprietary process, beef is sourced from Sweden and raised without hormones, GMO grains, grasses, hay, and/or ensiling. 

The major downside of whey protein is that it is a dairy product, and dairy is one of the most common food allergens/intolerances.

Many who have drunk a few hundred dairy-based proteins shakes react to whey. Whether in digestion, the skin or in well-being and performance.

Experience has shown that these effects increase the more frequently whey is consumed.

Of course, this also varies from whey protein to whey protein, especially whey protein powders with a long ingredient list of 8+ ingredients or an inferior quality whey offer a greater risk of such intolerance.

Check out our Instagram page for more Q&A responses and to ask your own questions…

How Should This Supplement Be Taken?

This can be taken as a dietary supplement. You should mix 27 grams or one scoop of the protein powder with 200ml of water or your drink of choice. To achieve the perfect mix, use water and ice cubes and shake; do not blend. Once completed training or exercise, the ideal time to consume our PureBeef Bone Broth Protein is within half an hour. 

Before adding this supplement to your diet, talk to your healthcare practitioner, as they can advise you on the correct dosage.

What is a Paleo Diet, and How Can Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein Help?

This diet involves consuming only foods commonly eaten during the Palaeolithic era. This includes lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and other foods obtained by hunting and gathering, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding processed foods. These foods are very high in protein and can help you maintain a healthy weight. Our PureBeef Bone Broth Protein supplement can easily fit into a paleo diet as it only contains beef.

Order Your Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein at Human Performance Hub Today

At Human Performance Hub, we provide only the best quality supplements to help you reach your protein goals and maximise your training. Our Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein supplements can promote recovery and repair of muscles and bones. 

Contact a team member for more information on our supplements and help find the right ones for you.

HPH Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein – Chocolate

HPH Pure Beef Bone Broth Protein – Vanilla


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