Personalised, one-to-one consultations that educate inspire and provide focus to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Human Performance Hub offers general consultations for people who do not require a complete package or ongoing support but want some insight and direction.

General consultations are one hour, during which time you can go through any questions related to health issues, nutrition, training, supplementation or business in the Health and Fitness industry. 

If you require a personalised plan, we can cover this within the one-hour appointment. Just make a note in the enquiry form and your desired goal.

General consultations are with Roan Heming, available online or face-to-face in Guildford, Surrey, UK. 

Roan is a functional medicine and strength and conditioning coach and founder of Human Performance Hub. Over the past twenty years, Roan’s helped clients achieve significant results with many of their issues relating to health and fitness. 

What’s included in a Human Performance Hub general consultation?

  • Initial case review
  • 1 x Consultation (60 minutes)

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