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A few questions for you,

Do you want High Energy?

Do you want your body to be Fat Burning machine?

Do you want to improve your Heart Health?

Do you want to improve Brain Wellness and Longevity?

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This month, we look at some body fat-burning strategies and health-supporting minerals to help you improve your fat loss this summer.

As discussed in many articles, fat loss is not a quick fix. Using the right supplements along a fitness routine can improve your training and increase fat loss while building endurance and becoming stronger.

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Lose excess body fat fast by supplementing with nutrients that will help your body be a fat-burning machine.

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This month, we look at some slumber strategies and health-supporting minerals to help you improve your sleep. You probably know how essential sleep is to your health and wellbeing.

As discussed in many articles, sleep is the first one out of the three things I look at to help get faster results with my clients in their health and performance.

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Did you know there is a state that we can enter that not only assists us with fighting illness, attaining a higher form of mental awareness, and is better for muscle health than any protein shakes on the market?

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Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep?

Do racing thoughts in your head keep you up at night?

Do you have poor morning energy?

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If you haven’t already heard, we are partnering up with Designs For Health.

The Human Performance Hub’s range will be backed by research-driven, evidence-based products. Providing you with the same great quality products as always – just with our stamp on them. Read more

Are you feeling demotivated, tired, and overall out-of-it? 

Need that push to get you on your way? 

The various stresses of life can affect us, both bodily and mentally. 

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By simply applying this proven health maths equation to your everyday life, you can improve yourself physically and mentally.

These four steps will give you the body and brain boost you’re looking for.

The 4-step health math equation 

Better Brain, Better Body – Perfect!


Step 1: Nutrition

Increase your good FATS; ladies, this is a must!

Fats affect hormones because hormones in the body are composed of fats and cholesterol. Cholesterol is what estrogen and testosterone are formed from. So if you are under-consuming fats, you are potentially missing out on good hormonal balance. #fact

Step 2: Exercise

A Full-body program included – click through!

The ‘full body’ training split is simply a way of planning your training to hit the whole body, which is simple enough to understand; we will look into why it is an excellent way of training and explain it in further detail.


Step 3: Sleep

The more Zzz, the more memory you have.

Sleep helps your brain work properly and plays an essential role in how you learn and remember things. Research shows that sleep deficiency alters activity in the brain, decreasing cognitive function. This can lead to memory and decision-making problems and affect your learning and problem-solving skills.

Step 4: Acetyl-L-carnitine

The heart and soul of the party (well, for your brain)

Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid found in nearly all cells of your body. A natural component of the brain’s chemistry, acetyl-L-carnitine is essential for brain and cognitive health. One of the most extensively researched brain nutrients, acetyl L-carnitine has a proven ability to enhance mental energy and wellness.

That’s because it increases levels of essential neurotransmitter chemicals needed for alertness, memory, focus, and learning. Additionally, it provides energy to the brain and repairs damage to brain cells by stress and poor nutrition.




Follow these four steps for a stronger, happier you!

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Did you know, though, that with the right vitamins and minerals, you can improve your mental prowess, combat stress and feel energised enough to get back into action?

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