Superior Zinc Supplement with Added Cofactors for Top Results

Zinc has many functions and is involved in hundreds of reactions in the body. That’s why not getting enough zinc can lead to various health problems. Find out how the potent blend in Human Performance Hub Zinc Complex can help improve your health.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is a mineral found in cells throughout your body. It plays a vital role in numerous enzymatic processes and functions affecting immune function, growth and development, brain health, mood and sleep, eye and skin health, and testosterone production. 

Sources of zinc

The only way to get the zinc your body needs is through food and supplementation. 

The best dietary sources of zinc are in seafood like oysters, red meat, poultry, nuts and seeds, unsweetened chocolate (cacao), and whole grains. Many breakfast cereals are fortified with zinc because about 80% of the total zinc is lost during milling.

Zinc deficiency

Not getting enough zinc can lead to serious side effects, severely impairing the immune system function and other health problems.

Some common signs of zinc deficiency include: 

  • Low energy
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Acne
  • Diarrhoea
  • Impaired wound healing, including eye and skin sores
  • Hair loss
  • Learning problems
  • Low libido and impotence
  • Decreased lean body mass

Some individuals have a higher risk for zinc deficiency, such as the elderly, adolescents, pregnant or nursing mothers, and chronic dieters. And exposure to toxic metals, such as cadmium from cigarettes or excess copper from copper-lined tap water pipes may also contribute to zinc deficiencies. 

However, most cases of zinc deficiency are due to poor diet, stress, excessive alcohol intake, and those eating vegetarian or vegan diets. 

Proper supplementation helps avoid zinc deficiency and ensure you get the optimal amounts of zinc your body needs. 

That’s where our exclusive Zinc Complex comes in.

Supplementing with Zinc

Human Performance Lab Zinc Complex is a potent zinc supplement for superior results. It is enhanced with vitamins B2 and B6, molybdenum, taurine, and malic acid for optimal zinc supplementation. These nutrients work with zinc to help your body perform vital enzymatic reactions and functions. 

Zinc and the amino acid taurine work together to support healthy vision and the optimal functioning of the central nervous system. The mineral molybdenum helps prevent zinc excretion, and vitamin B6 helps maintain zinc levels.

How does Human Performance Hub Zinc Complex offer superior absorption?

All the minerals in Zinc Complex are in chelated forms for superior absorption. Chelation is the bonding of minerals to amino acids, resulting in more easily assimilated molecules by the body. Chelated minerals in supplements are better absorbed and used in the body.

The old saying “you are what you eat” is only half true. You are what you eat and absorb

Benefits of Zinc

Promotes proper growth and physical development

Zinc plays a vital role in supporting muscle growth, energy and recovery. Your body needs zinc to produce hormones like testosterone and IGF-1 to build muscle tissue and improve strength.

It helps your body absorb all other nutrients.

If you’re deficient in zinc, you’re likely also low in other nutrients. That’s because zinc is the great organiser—it is synergistic for absorbing all nutrients.

Supports blood glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity

Zinc helps healthy blood sugar levels. Your body requires zinc to secrete insulin, the hormone that manages sugars in the blood. This mineral also helps your body store glycogen, preventing anabolism, so your carbs don’t build fat stores. 

Regulates dopamine production and brain function

Zinc regulates dopamine production for proper brain function. Additionally, practically every enzyme reaction in the brain involves zinc. If you don’t have enough zinc, you may experience a lower attention span, more mood swings, and little drive in the gym.

Supports reproduction, fertility and sexual health

Both males and females require zinc in most aspects of reproduction and fertility.

Supports healthy skin, vision and hearing

Your eyes and ears have the highest zinc concentrations, making it an essential mineral to maintain proper hearing and vision. Zinc is also crucial for healthy skin.

Recommended use

Take one capsule per day with a meal.


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