The Multi-purpose Amino Acid for Multi-benefits

Taurine plays a significant role in your health and wellness. Supplementation helps ensure you get enough taurine to mitigate various health problems and boost your health. Find out how the potent formula in Human Performance Hub Taurine can help you.

What is Taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid made from the metabolism of another amino acid, cysteine. Taurine was isolated for the first time in 1827 and named “taurine” from the Greek word tauros for “bull”.

Essential for the proper functioning of many critical processes in your body, taurine is particularly vital for the healthy functioning of organs with high energy demands, such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

Sources of taurine

Your body makes taurine naturally; however, you need to get taurine from diet and supplementation to achieve optimal amounts.

The primary dietary sources of taurine come from beef, pork, shellfish, dark meat poultry, and small amounts in dairy foods. [5] Because taurine is virtually absent in most plant foods, the body’s demand for taurine is higher in people following vegetarian and vegan diets.

Certain circumstances increase the body’s demand for taurine. For example, your body needs more taurine during intense exercise and stress. [4] Health conditions like heart disease can also cause taurine deficiency. And as you age, your body produces less taurine, so you need more.

That’s why many people benefit from taurine supplementation. And that’s where our exclusive Taurine supplement comes in.

Supplementing with Taurine

Human Performance Hub Taurine supplement supports healthy blood pressure and nerve function, normal skeletal muscle function [1] and insulin sensitivity, proper digestion of fats, good cardiovascular health, antioxidant defence, and more. [2,3]

Each capsule provides 1 gram of pure taurine powder, convenient for those who require higher amounts.

Benefits of Taurine

Balances water and electrolytes 

Taurine helps maintain water equilibrium in the body by encouraging the normal flow of electrolytes in and out of cells. The release of excess water helps reduce occasional bloating and water retention, contributing to maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Promotes good cardiovascular health

Taurine supports healthy blood lipids, blood pressure, the proper functioning of platelets (involved in blood clotting) and promotes energy generation in the heart muscle to keep a healthy heart rhythm. [7] [4]

Supports healthy blood glucose metabolism

Taurine supports the healthy formation of bile acids and proper digestion of fats to help maintain healthy blood glucose metabolism.

Boosts antioxidant defences

Taurine’s antioxidant effects help protect against damage to cells and blood vessels induced by free radicals. [6]

Promotes detoxification and nutrient absorption 

A critical factor in the liver’s detoxification processes and bile synthesis, taurine helps appropriately digest fats and, therefore, absorb fat-soluble nutrients.

Recommended use 

Take one capsule of Human Performance Hub Taurine supplement per day or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Taurine supplementation is generally well tolerated. Most people can take between 1 and 4 grams per day. However, we recommend close monitoring if you take medication for blood pressure or diabetes because taurine supplementation may alter or reduce the dosages needed.

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