Are you feeling a bit burnt out?

Has fatigue taking its toll on your mental health? This topic is so relatable, and most people experience mental health fatigue around this time of the year. You are not alone.

Health Math’s

You might be experiencing mental fatigue, don’t worry. It’s treatable, and we have the perfect math recipe for your health:

Here is the ideal health math for beating that ‘meh’ feeling: 


Step 1: Morning Light Exposure

Get outside first thing in the a.m (before 9 a.m) and let your eyes drink up some of the sun’s rays (please don’t look directly in the sun!).

If you are in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE (like me), a small investment for a significant return would be a Lumie Bodyclock. Allowing you to wake up with light. 




Step 2: Snooze Time

Not so much the length 7, 8, 9 hours in a row but rather the quality of your sleep with your head on the pillow. I have written an article:

How to sleep your way to better health if you would like to have a deeper dive.


Stop, Drop & Get Busy

We all know we need to move more; here is a health hack I share with my clients: Set a stopwatch or your mobile’s alarm for 45 min; once the stopwatch or alarm goes off, stop what you are doing, stand up from your desk and do some movement, short walk, 30 air squats, 10 push-ups… you choose.



Say Hello to Vitamin D3 + K

Supporting your body with supplementation is essential when you want to achieve that happier, healthier you. The sky is the limit with a good quality Vitamin D3 + K supporting your immune system, brain, and bone health.

Let’s dive into more detail about the amazing Vitamin D3 + K.

Say No To Wishy-Washy

There’s a lot of wishy-washy information out there about vitamin D3 supplements. But I can tell you that when D3 is formulated along with vitamin K1 and K2, it gets absorbed a lot faster and more efficiently by your body. That means you’re getting all the ‘sunshine-y’ benefits of vitamin D3, packed with an extra vitamin K punch for absorption.

Best Ingredients + Science = K Punch

My vitamin D3 + K complex was created with this in mind. It’s a highly bioavailable, pleasant-tasting liquid that includes 2000 IU in one full dropper. I’m incredibly particular about the products I put my name on, and I’m super proud of this one. I worked with carefully selected manufacturers to provide a supplement with the best quality ingredients, backed by science.

A bonus is that both vitamins D and K are known for boosting immune function, perfect for the winter months that lie ahead.

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