Did you know there is a state that we can enter that not only assists us with fighting illness, attaining a higher form of mental awareness, and is better for muscle health than any protein shakes on the market?

You’ll be right if you’ve guessed that this state is sleep.

The 4-step health math equation 

For a better, healthier sleep!


Step 1: Read Sleep & Recovery Article

How to sleep your way to better health! 

Sleep & Recovery In this article, we look at some slumber strategies and supplements to help you improve your sleep.



Step 2: Glycine Powder

Glycine will promote sleep and enhance

the quality of your sleep through its calming effects on

the brain and its ability to lower core body temperature.




Step 3: Magnesium Bisglycinate

The benefit of magnesium bisglycinate is its ability to 

calm the nervous system and muscular systems.
Calming these is important to set you up for a

good night’s sleep, and in combination with

an excellent pre-bed strategy

(e.g. reduced electronic screen use) will help you get a restful sleep.



Step 4: Taurine

Taurine has a calming effect on the nervous system, similar to a magnesium supplement; this will help with recovery and sleep by downregulating the nervous system.

It is obvious that sleep helps the body wind down, but equally, after hard training sessions or days of work, we need to wind down after being stimulated and alert. 








Imagine what restful sleep can do for you if you can genuinely rest every time you close your eyes. Of course, it’s not as easy as simply closing your eyes. With the proper routine and the right supporting minerals, you can unlock the benefits of sleep.

Follow these four steps and stay tuned for more health math! 

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